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  • “Miracle you Performed; Transformed My Daily Life; Immeasurable Gratitude”

    For the MIRACLE YOU HAVE PERFORMED on my back, very many thank you. You have TRANSFORMED MY DAILY LIFE. From pain on every step of weight bearing movement to no pain at all! Breathlessness from hunched over lungs to free & easy breathing. For all of that please accept number of IMMEASURABLE GRATITUDE. I have absolutely no hesitation in putting the trust entirely to Mr. Kalyan.

    All the pre-operative investigations were undertaken thoroughly & I felt it went to great length to be sure of everything is correct. It was made very clear, how I should progress with the case of my back & the consequences.


  • “Excellent Treatment, Great Relief, Very Professional, Best Painless procedure”

    I had very severe back pain & was on a cocktail of drugs, with unpleasant side effects. Thank you for your Excellent treatment. It is a great relief to be able to exercise & walk my dog WITHOUT PAIN OR THE NEED TO TAKE ANY MEDICATION.

    Mr Kalyan fully described the planned procedure in great detail & referred me to his excellent website with its informative videos. Mr Kalyan & the anaesthetist were VERY PROFESSIONAL, made me feel very relaxed & I can honestly say it was the best & least painless procedure I have had.


  • “Wonderful Work; Transformation is Amazing; Very Grateful for the Knowledge, Surgical Skills & Care; So Fortunate”

    Thank you for the operation you did on my spine on my 75th birthday. Thank you for your WONDERFUL WORK. The transformation from before the operation is AMAZING. It was such a success in relieving pain & enabling me to walk. I am grateful that I can do all the everyday walking to live my life.


  • “100% Better, Pain Totally Gone, 100% Glad, Truly Superb”

    I had Spinal injection under Mr Kalyan. The difference in myself has been 100% BETTER, I have not had any pain in my back or legs, the burning sensation in my left knee has totally gone. I am able to walk & do things I took for granted before, it has been TRULY SUPERB.

    I AM GLAD 100% & am amazed with the difference in myself & the difference it has made. Thank you again.

  • “Job Well done, 100% Success, An Appreciative Patient”

    A JOB WELL DONE. Following the surgery, my sciatica pain has totally disappeared & I was discharged the day following. It was obvious immediately after the operation that it had been a 100% SUCCESS.

    You had explained the procedure in detail & I would recommend anybody with similar problems to your expertise. An appreciative patient


  • “Sought Second Opinion; You were extremely thorough; Thank you for Giving me my life back, with Simpler option!”

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GIVING ME MY LIFE BACK! You were extremely thorough investigating my problem.

    I had struggled for years going through all kinds of attempts to alleviate the pain, including Physiotherapy, Chiropractor, acupuncture, ….. all to no avail. It was suggested that I have complex vertebra fusion surgery, I was not happy with this option. I sought your views as a Second opinion & you suggested the SIMPLER OPTION of spinal decompression surgery.

    Since Surgery, I am pain free & have been able to stop taking painkillers. I do not have to use a walking stick. I was able to attend my son's wedding just 4 weeks after the operation, being able to stand & chat to guests with no pain. Thank you once again.


  • “Leader in His Field, Wonderful! ; Prompt Diagnosis ; Recommend him with 100% Confidence”

    He is a LEADER IN HIS FIELD, I would not hesitate to recommend him, with 100% CONFIDENCE, that he can sort your back/spine problem out. I can’t thank Mr Kalyan & his team enough.

    I have suffered with bouts of "sciatica" pain over the years & just to be able to walk normally after a year & stride out is wonderful! It could have turned out so much worse if it wasn’t for his PROMPT DIAGNOSIS. An operation date was set which was a complete success.


  • “Excellent Service & Medical Care, Excellent Care All Round”

    I would like to EXPRESS MY GRATITUDE FOR THE EXCELLENT SERVICE & medical care that I received throughout my treatment. The treatment that I have received has allowed me to do normal day to day activities, which I couldn’t do previously. I fully recommend the services of Mr Kalyan, the treatment I received was excellent.

    Every procedure was fully explained in full detail prior to receiving it. The after-care service was again, excellent. I will sum it up, EXCELLENT CARE ALL ROUND. I would definitely recommend Mr Kalyan to anyone who requires spinal treatments.


  • “Master of his Craft, Total Professional, First Class, THE MAN”

    Mr Kalyan is a total professional & a master of his craft. The quality of care & attention to detail from him was exceptional. If you have back pain then he's "THE MAN" you need to see.

    I had several bouts of "Sciatica" over the years, my quality of life deteriorated rapidly as it became unbearable- totally debilitating. I was 2 weeks after surgery experiencing NO "sciatica" nerve pain. My quality of life has improved again, & I can't thank him enough for what he has done for me. His team are fantastic. FIRST CLASS HEALTH CARE from the minute I attended my initial consultation until I was discharged after my operation.


  • “Extremely Informative, Filled me with Confidence, Very Attentive: Pain Free”

    Without hesitation I would thoroughly recommend Mr Kalyan to anyone seeking help. I have suffered chronic sciatica, resulting in me only walking 50 metres before I had to crouch down to the floor to relieve my pain. After internet research I approached Mr Kalyan & arranged an initial consultation, which proved to be A GREAT MOVE.

    I found Mr Kalyan to be EXTREMELY INFORMATIVE & "on the ball” which FILLED ME WITH CONFIDENCE. Following my operation, I saw Mr Kalyan daily in hospital who was very attentive. Post op I am now PAIN FREE once more & able to carry out a normal lifestyle once again.


  • “Would Not Hesitate to recommend You, My Leg is 100% better”

    Thank you for your time & skill that you used to treat my pain in my leg & back. I was treated well in a professional manner. I can safely say that MY LEG IS 100% BETTER. I no longer need to take medication & it feels great. My back also has improved significantly with pain reduced 80%. Thank you again. l would not hesitate to RECOMMEND YOU to friends & family.


  • “Swift Intervention, Fantastic Care Of The Highest Calibre, No Pain”

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I cannot find the words to express my appreciation of your medical skill & kind understanding.

    I was in the most horrendous pain with sciatica down both legs I couldn’t sleep, eat, or relax properly & it made my life a misery. After your SWIFT INTERVENTION I have had no pain whatsoever for 7 months. My pre-operative & post-operative care were just FANTASTIC & OF THE HIGHEST POSSIBLE CALIBRE.


  • “Life Changing, Relief was Instant, It is Amazing, Can now Get On With Life”

    Thank you so very much! It has been 6 months & your procedure has been LIFE CHANGING. After years of suffering with lower spine pain, affecting my whole life.... causing sleepless nights & left me feeling very miserable most of the time, the relief was instant. I am not in constant pain anymore.

    I can sit like a ‘normal person’ without wincing every time I get up. The quality of MY LIFE HAS IMPROVED MASSIVELY. For the time being it is amazing how little pain I feel & after years of suffering, I can now just get on with my life again.


  • “Brilliant Surgeon, Complete Pain Relief; Very Professional & Cares for his patient”

    Mr Kalyan has the ability to MAKE YOU SMILE in times that can be worrying & stressful. Not only is he a brilliant surgeon & specialist, he is a great man, VERY PROFESSIONAL & CARES FOR HIS PATIENTS.

    Following on going lower back pain & nerve pain in both legs, which I had suffered for over a year, my surgery was a success to me, giving me COMPLETE RELIEF in my legs of the nerve pain.


  • “Instant Success, I am enjoying life again, A huge Thank You.”

    A huge, “THANK YOU” for sorting my back pain, that no amount of physio or pain killers seemed to help. It took over my life as I couldn’t work or fulfil my role as a mum to my wonderful children.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. The spinal injections were an “INSTANT SUCCESS & was back to work within two days”.

    I AM ENJOYING LIFE AGAIN. Before this I was so very low & was ready to give up on the world.

  • “The Care & Attention Was First Class. 0pen, Honest & Practical”

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Kalyan. Mr Kalyan is open, HONEST & PRACTICAL in his discussions & is considerate of the patients views & uses this information to achieve the best results for the patient.

    After suffering back pain & loss of feeling in my legs, I consulted Mr Kalyan. I was immediately impressed with the LEVEL OF PROFESSIONALISM & CLARITY OF INFORMATION. The advice I was given to manage my condition until surgery was practical with caution. I was given clear & concise information about the surgery, the risks & the outcomes. The care & attention I received was FIRST CLASS.

    Post operation I was up & walking the same afternoon & left hospital the following day. I was PAIN FREE & off all medication within 48hrs.


  • “Very Appreciative; Pain Stopped Completely; Thank You Most Sincerely”

    It is now nearly 4 months since you operated on my spine to relieve very severe pain. I would like to THANK YOU MOST SINCERELY for removing the causes of the dreadful pain from which I was suffering.

    The PAIN HAS STOPPED COMPLETELY, & I am able to walk, sit & stand pain free. I am VERY APPRECIATIVE of the very intricate work which you have performed on me. I hope you will continue for a very long time to help other people to feel as I do.


  • “Huge Success, Absolutely Recommend You, Thank You for So Reassuring & Making Me Feel Completely at Ease”

    My recent Discectomy operation was a HUGE SUCCESS. I would ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND YOU to anyone with similar issues. I am back to my normal self-doing almost all daily activities, which I have been unable to do for the past two years.

    I would just like to thank you for being SO REASSURING & for making me FEEL COMPLETELY AT EASE throughout the process I would like to express my sincere thanks to you. Many thanks.


  • “Instant Pain Relief; Telling Everyone about you; I am now a New Woman”

    After Injection, I had INSTANT PAIN RELIEF from my back & leg. I can now walk, & I do not need a wheelchair. I cannot tell you how much I feel by not being in pain after a year of not walking or standing. I will be telling everyone about you & recommending you. Thank you as I AM NOW A NEW WOMAN.


  • “New Lease of Life; Pain Free & Transformed; Beyond any of my expectation”

    Thank you for improving my health way BEYOND ANY OF MY EXPECTATIONS. Having experienced pain & restricted movement for some 15 years. I now have a NEW LEASE OF LIFE. After Surgery, I am virtually pain free & am the fittest I have ever been in my life. I am swimming, walking for miles & AM TRANSFORMED.


  • “First Class Care, Worked Wonders for me, Get on with Life”

    I can't thank you enough. Before coming to see you, I was virtually bed bound, lying on my side for nearly 6 weeks as I could not move due to the excruciating pain being caused. However, when I eventually came to see you, your care & treatment was in my opinion "FIRST CLASS" & the injection that I was given in my spine CERTAINLY WORKED WONDERS FOR ME. This treatment has taken me from being someone who could not move, to being able to get out & about, & get on with my life.


  • “Skills as a Surgeon, Highly Professional Service, Full & Rapid Recovery”

    I went to see Mr Kalyan after recommendation. I was suffering numbness & weakness together with sciatic pain down my right leg. I has surgery within 2 weeks of my consultation & I am making a rapid recovery. Four months after surgery the numbness and pain have gone & the strength in my leg is improving on a weekly basis. I would like to express my sincere thanks to Mr Kalyan for the HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL SERVICE & it's a testament to his SKILLS AS A SURGEON that I am making such FULL & RAPID RECOVERY.


  • “I Can’t Thank You Enough For My New Lease of Life, Take No Pain Killers”

    I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH for my new lease of life. The injection you performed on my back has changed my day to day life considerably. I can walk unaided, & my life has changed for the better.

    Before, I had to use a mobility scooter because I could not walk more than a few feet without being in severe pain. Now, I TAKE NO PAIN KILLERS & my mobility is at a normal level for my age.


  • “Very Grateful for The Care & Attention; My Heartfelt Thanks”

    (This letter is from a Daughter of a Spinal Cancer Patient who required complex emergency operation to prevent further Paralysis during his shortened life. Mr. Kalyan feels saddened & privileged to receive this letter.)

    I am writing to let you know my dad, passed away peacefully at home. After his operation he got back on his feet & enjoyed 8 months of life. I made a promise to him that I would write to you as both he & our family are VERY GRATEFUL FOR THE CARE & ATTENTION, he received from yourself. Please carry on the good work you do. My heartfelt thanks.

    MW (daughter)

  • “Changed my Life Completely, Over the Moon, Deepest Gratitude”

    Please accept my DEEPEST GRATITUDE for the care you & your team provided me with during and following my spinal surgery. Today is my first day back at work & I am pleased to tell you that I am almost COMPLETELY PAIN FREE & no longer need the numerous painkillers I was taking daily to keep me pain free.

    I am OVER THE MOON with the results of the surgery & have you to thank for that. “It has changed my life completely”.


  • “Best Decision Made, Fantastic Progress, Thanks to You & Your Expertise”

    Turn the clock back over 6 weeks ago & I was struggling to walk. Having decided to opt for spinal surgery, I can honestly say it’s one of the BEST DECISIONS I HAVE MADE & with such FANTASTIC PROGRESS. I begin the journey of working towards normality & enjoying quality time with my family. My recovery is well underway & it’s THANKS TO YOU & YOUR EXPERTISE & the team, for being there when I needed them the most during such a difficult time. All the best for the future.


  • “Absolutely First Class, Good Service Over & Above The Norm, Polite & Caring”

    Thanks for the very professional, polite, & caring way you have looked after me following my referral. The follow up appointments provided a degree of comfort & reassurance as you took great care. The standard of care I have received is ABSOLUTELY FIRST CLASS & over & ABOVE THE NORM.


  • “Grateful for Patience, Advice, Professionalism; My Quality of Life Improved Immeasurably”

    I will always be GRATEFUL FOR YOUR PATIENCE, ADVICE, PROFESSIONALISM & skill in treating my problems. My QUALITY OF LIFE HAS IMPROVED IMMEASURABLY. I wish I had seen you when I first experienced my problems. I started to experience sciatic pain in July 2017 which got progressively worse. I was desperate for some answers & some pain relief. You quickly arranged surgery & I awoke from surgery pain free for the first time in months. I returned to work after 8 weeks. It has now been 4 months since surgery & I have been PAIN KILLER FREE. I can walk pain free. I will always be grateful.


  • “What a Wonderful Sensation to Have No Pain; A huge Thank you; Complete confidence in Mr Kalyan”

    What a WONDERFUL SENSATION TO HAVE NO PAIN. I am so very grateful to you & your team. I was in constant & severe pain in my lower back & leg for eight years. A HUGE THANK YOU MR KALYAN. You’ve given me quality of life back. I have COMPLETE CONFIDENCE IN MR KALYAN, & I would say he is very professional & a gentleman. Thank you again


  • “Explained Thoroughly, Quality of Life Improved Significantly”

    I would certainly recommend him to friends & family. Before the surgery, I was unable to work due to the pain I was experiencing. I was also unable to sleep due to the pain & struggled with everyday tasks including taking care of & spending quality time with my daughter.

    From the 1st consultation I had with Mr Kalyan, he EXPLAINED EVERYTHING THOROUGHLY & in terms I could understand. Following the surgery, my QUALITY OF LIFE HAS IMPROVED SIGNIFICANTLY. I no longer experience any pain & I can now carry out everyday tasks.


  • “A Big Thank You, Over a Year- Still Pain free”

    A BIG THANK YOU Mr Kalyan for the treatment to relieve me from pain.

    It's been over a year since I received a spinal injection. I am still PAIN FREE, strengthening my spine & improving all the time.


  • “Easy To Talk To, Provides Good Explanations, Genuinely Nice Person”

    Mr Kalyan is EASY TO TALK TO, PROVIDES GOOD EXPLANATIONS & answers to queries, is cautious when potential problems arise & offers a range of options. He is a GENUINELY NICE PERSON & I am 100% satisfied in his care.

    Mr Kalyan really listened to me & gave plenty of opportunity to ask questions. The care from Mr Kalyan & his team was outstanding. The horrible gnawing pain in my buttock & leg had gone. Thank You again Mr Kalyan


  • “Sincere Gratitude, Speedy & Successful Diagnosis, Pain Free”

    My SINCERE GRATITUDE for the SPEEDY & SUCCESSFUL DIAGNOSIS & subsequent operation to resolve my spinal problem which had been giving me almost unbearable sciatic pain. I am happy to confirm that I am now PAIN FREE & recovering well. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone requiring similar treatment, & hope you continue to make other patients as happy as I am.


  • “A Big Thank You, Highly Recommend, No Longer Take Pain Relief, Well Looked After”

    I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to yourself Dr Kalyan. After suffering from severe back & leg pain due to a slip disc & sciatica I decided to go for spinal injections. I was extremely nervous but was WELL LOOKED AFTER & REASSURED. After a couple of days, I had no back or leg pain & had slept through the night without waking up. I NO LONGER HAVE TO TAKE TRAMADOL OR ANY OTHER PAIN RELIEF. I can honestly say I'm 95% or more pain free. I would highly recommend.


  • “Pain free & have my quality of life back, Every Confidence in your Skill”

    Please accept my sincere gratitude. You & your team have provided excellent care before, during & after my surgery.

    Before surgery for 2 years I had been in excruciating pain & my condition became very debilitating… I had EVERY CONFIDENCE IN YOUR SKILL as a surgeon. Ten weeks after the operation - I AM PAIN FREE & HAVE MY QUALITY OF LIFE BACK - in fact, I feel great!


  • “Very Grateful; Very Professional & Knowledgeable; Trust Him”

    Mr Kalyan has always been VERY PROFESSIONAL, KNOWLEDGEABLE & I TRUST HIS JUDGEMENT & CLINICAL DECISIONS COMPLETELY. The treatment allowed me to have a much greater range of movement & mobility with prolonged periods of being relatively pain free. I am very grateful for his continued professionalism & the treatment I have had.


  • “Caring & Professional Service, Best a Patient Could Receive, Fears Quickly Allayed”

    I felt the CARING & PROFESSIONAL SERVICE you provide was in my case the BEST A PATIENT COULD RECEIVE. I was scheduled for neck surgery. I entered the theatre area apprehensive & a little nervous. Those FEARS WERE QUICKLY ALLAYED by the staff that put my mind at rest.


  • “Honestly Changed My Life”

    I just wanted to let you know what a difference the spinal injections you did for me have made. After 2 & a half years of chronic pain, I was back to work full time 6 days after this procedure. It has HONESTLY CHANGED MY LIFE & greatly reduced the amount of Tramadol & Gabapentin I take. With many thanks


  • “At Complete Ease, Friendly Approach, Calming Manner & Nature”

    Thanks for all the support, treatment & more importantly THE FRIENDLY APPROACH, CALMING MANNER & nature which has made all of our visits so much more pleasant & easy for us.

    For nearly a decade my son has been under the care of Mr Kalyan following a diagnosis of scoliosis. For anyone to go through what a young boy has would be hard, being on the autistic spectrum & being anxious & nervous at the same time has made it far more difficult. At times during these early treatments there were tears & tantrums. The advice, treatment, & the way that Mr Kalyan have Engaged, Explained & Helped put, not only our son AT COMPLETE EASE, but also ensuring that all the family were ok too.


  • “Complete Confidence, Really Amazing Effect, Support Second to None”

    I have COMPLETE CONFIDENCE in Mr Kalyan. After having uncontrollable sciatic & lower back pain & unable to work, Mr Kalyan carried out spinal injections which have had a REALLY AMAZING EFFECT, I’m now able to function independently & greatly reduce pain relief. The follow up & SUPPORT HAS BEEN SECOND TO NONE & would happily recommend Mr Kalyan & his team.


  • “Pain Free, Live Normal Life, Quite Amazing, Second To None”

    I am now PAIN FREE for the first time in many years. The wound has healed perfectly, & I am now able to live normal life. I am able to walk without having to rest every five minutes which is QUITE AMAZING. The information & care you & your team gave me was SECOND TO NONE. I shall be FOREVER GRATEFUL to you & your team.


  • “Improving My Quality of Life Immensely, Totally Pain Free, More Energy”

    After several years of constant pain in my low back, Mr. Kalyan gave me a spinal injection & since then I have been TOTALLY PAIN FREE. I have MORE ENERGY as the pain was very tiring & also I feel happier as I don’t have the constant pain to deal with anymore. I am extremely thankful to Mr. Kalyan for IMPROVING MY QUALITY OF LIFE IMMENSELY.


  • “Complete Success, Fantastic Care & Attention, Speedy Recovery”

    The Surgery has been a “COMPLETE SUCCESS”, relieving the constant pain in my left leg. The CARE & ATTENTION that I received by you & your team was “FANTASTIC” The advice & information you gave me has helped me to make a SPEEDY RECOVERY.


  • “Quickly Diagnosed, Felt Good & Pain Free”

    After one consultation with Raman Kalyan I was QUICKLY DIAGNOSED. I had severe back pain for three years & despite seeing several doctors I was told the pain generated from my knees. Mr Kalyan suggested injections & within days I had relief & for the first time in three years FELT GOOD & PAIN FREE.


  • “Superb Impact, Improved my Quality of Life, Back at work full time”

    Thank you, Mr Kalyan. The injections have had a SUPERB IMPACT & really IMPROVED MY QUALITY OF LIFE & I am really grateful for receiving them. I am writing to express the positive impact the steroid injections have had on my life. In February, I was unable to move due to pain in my back, every movement was agony. I had the injections in April, since then I have been BACK AT WORK FULL TIME.


  • “Very Successful, Carry on with the Lifestyle I Enjoy”

    The Treatment for Coccyx pain by Mr Kalyan have proved to be VERY SUCCESSFUL. A special thanks to Mr Kalyan for all of his help which has allowed me to CARRY ON WITH THE LIFESTYLE I ENJOY.


  • “Short Painless Procedure, Significant Instant Relief.”

    After a SHORT PAINLESS PROCEDURE, I found SIGNIFICANT INSTANT RELIEF with a marked reduction in pain Now, after two months, I have the occasional early morning twinge but no pain & good movement throughout the day. I walk up to a mile most days & can remain standing in a stationary position for some time without experiencing any discomfort. I would thoroughly recommend this treatment.


  • “If I needed this treatment again it would be you for me”

    THANK YOU. I have had a much better quality of life & do not need to use my wheelchair. Thank you for the treatment you gave me & I would like to think that if I needed this treatment again IT WOULD BE YOU FOR ME.

  • “Big Thank You, Pain Free”

    A BIG THANK YOU. I had been suffering for over two years & since the injections I have been “PAIN FREE”, so the treatment most certainly has worked in my case. Once again thank you for your help.


  • “Thanks a Million, Excellent Care; Normality back in my life”

    “Just wanted to Say THANKS A MILLION for the excellent care!” It is wonderful that I now have some NORMALITY BACK IN MY LIFE & my pain has greatly diminished.


  • “Massively Pleased, Pain has Gone”

    I would like to thank Mr Kalyan for the surgery he performed, which had a positive impact on my life. The PAIN HAS ALMOST COMPLETELY GONE. I am MASSIVELY PLEASED & Thank you again Mr R. Kalyan


  • “Pain Completely Gone, Treatment & Care Of The Best standards”

    I would just like to thank Mr Kalyan & all the staff. It has been nearly 2 months now & the PAIN HAS COMPLETELY GONE. Before that I was in agony every day for almost a year. The TREATMENT & CARE was of the BEST STANDARDS & cannot thank you enough for helping me get back on track.


  • “A Friendly man, Pain has gone 100%, Thank You Very Much”

    Mr Kalyan is a FRIENDLY MAN & helped me to regain my confidence & to be able to continue with normal life. I went to see Mr Kalyan with leg pain. An MRI scan was arranged within a week. Within two weeks I had my surgery & my PAIN HAS GONE 100%. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.


  • “Fantastic Team, Best Of Care, Alleviated All Pain, Able To Live Life Again”

    I appreciate everything you have done for me. Mr Kalyan & the team have been FANTASTIC making sure I received the BEST OF CARE right the way through my treatment. I received a course of spinal injections which has ALLEVIATED ALL PAIN & I am now ABLE TO LIVE LIFE AGAIN, thanks to Mr Kalyan.


  • “Thank You For Your Expert Skills, Almost No Pain & Back To Normal”

    Thanks again for your EXPERT SKILLS. My sciatica improved in two to three weeks following treatment. Two months later I have very little to no pain, and my mobility is ALMOST BACK TO NORMAL.

    Before treatment, the pain was severe & impacted my mobility & quality of life.


  • “A Positive Impact on my Life, Thank Mr Kalyan”

    The procedure has had a POSITIVE IMPACT ON MY LIFE. I am 6 weeks after having the operation the pain from buttocks all the way down my back of my leg has almost completely gone. I would like to THANK MR KALYAN for the surgery he performed on me.


  • “Pain Free, No Drugs; Great Success; Relaxing Experience; Very Helpful”

    The spinal injections I had were a GREAT SUCCESS. I have suffered with lower back pain for years & developed nerve pain down my leg & also in my back. Now I am PAIN FREE (no physio & drugs). The …… Hospital was a RELAXING EXPERIENCE. The staff & Mr Kalyan were VERY HELPFUL.


  • “Highly Professional Operation, Pain has now Gone”

    What impressed me during my consultations was the way you explained the problem in detail. I am pleased to say since my surgery the PAIN which I have experienced for several years HAS NOW GONE 'Thank you' to you & your team following the PROFESSIONAL OPERATION carried out.


  • “Great Care, Pain Free & Enjoying Life”

    To be PAIN FREE again is wonderful & ENJOYING LIFE once more looking after my grandchildren, walking the dog, going walking & my yoga of course. I would like to thank you & your staff for the GREAT CARE shown to me when having my injection done. I thank you so much.


  • “Live a normal life again & free from pain”

    I am writing to express my thanks & my appreciation of the treatment by Mr Kalyan, of my back problems, which was very successful. I was impressed too, with the after- care I received from Mr Kalyan. This letter is to acknowledge my appreciation of the skill which Mr Kalyan employed with care, which has resulted in my being able to LIVE A NORMAL LIFE AGAIN & very, very largely FREE FROM PAIN.


  • “My Quality of Life Has Greatly Improved, I cannot Thank enough”

    I CANNOT THANK MR KALYAN & HIS TEAM ENOUGH. The chronic pain I was in & all the medication I have been taking over the last 3 years; affected my work, health & personal life. After the injection, I was sore for a couple of days but since then I have greatly improved. Now I feel MY QUALITY OF LIFE HAS GREATLY IMPROVED.


  • “Great Success, Not Suffering From Pain, Definitely Have the Same Procedure”

    The procedure you carried on my back has been a GREAT SUCCESS. Currently I am NOT SUFFERING FROM ANY PAIN or stiffness & I will DEFINITELY HAVE THE SAME PROCEDURE carried out on my back, if required, in the future. Thank you for the treatment I received. With best regards


  • “Very Competent Surgeon, Great Success”

    Mr Kalyan you are a VERY COMPETENT SURGEON. The Surgery has been a GREAT SUCCESS.

    I would like to thank you and your team for returning my wife’s walking ability back to nearly normal, after several years suffering, due to Spinal Stenosis.


  • “First Class Treatment “

    FIRST CLASS TREATMENT. Thank you. I had been suffering from sciatica for several years due to prolapse discs in my lower back. After a consultation with Mr Kalyan I decided the best course of action for me was to have the discs shaved. Glad I did as I am now TOTALLY PAIN FREE but must take care as all the hard work could be undone.


  • “Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart”

    I would like to thank him & all the team for what they have done for me. I had a lot of back pain which was keeping me awake at night. I am now sleeping better on at night because of them so THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.


  • “Huge Improvement In My Quality Of Life, Able to Work again”

    After receiving the steroid epidural injections in my lower back, I would now say that its probably made an 80% to 90% improvement in my mobility. I’m now almost pain free & ABLE TO WORK AGAIN. If it hadn’t been for your good work, I would still be in a position of being unable to work.



  • “Highly recommend; Professional & Compassionate; Positive Experience”

    If you’re looking for a POSITIVE EXPERIENCE & someone highly skilled, he is the person for you. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND his services, conducted in a PROFESSIONAL, informative, & COMPASSIONATE way. I feel due to his knowledge & experience he has reduced my pain considerably.


  • “Sincere appreciation & Best care”

    I would like to convey my SINCERE APPRECIATION for the skill, care & attention shown to me by yourselves and the complete team, prior to and following my operation.

    I received the BEST CARE I could have wished for. The efficiency in the running were excellent… Once again thank you all!!


  • “How Quickly Done, No longer in Pain, Thank You”

    Thank you to all your team. I could not believe HOW QUICKLY the procedure was done & that I am NO LONGER IN PAIN. THANK YOU to all your team & I wish you well in the future


  • “Highly Recommend You, No Recurrence of Pain”

    I cannot thank you enough for the treatment that I received last year. After years of chronic pain & several unsuccessful treatments. Since my treatment with you, I have had NO RECURRENCE OF PAIN. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU to anyone who has despaired of unsuccessful methods.


  • “So grateful, Prompt & thorough treatment”

    I am SO GRATEFUL for all the PROMPT & THOROUGH TREATMENT I have received. Thank you so much to you & all your staff for all the care & kindness shown on my recent stay in hospital & operation. I am looking forward to feeling much better.


  • “Delighted with Mr Kalyan’s Work. No pain after Years of Suffering”

    After years of paying for expensive acupuncture I am DELIGHTED WITH MR KALYAN’S WORK. I was referred to Mr Kalyan after suffering from severe back pain & sciatica. This was several months ago & since then I HAVE NO PAIN & not taken any medication. Thank you so much. I would RECOMMEND ANYONE in distress to make an appointment with you.


  • “Relief From Pain Within A Few Days, Reduced Pain Medication”

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for performing spinal injection. I noticed RELIEF FROM PAIN WITHIN A FEW DAYS of leaving hospital resulting in REDUCED PAIN MEDICATION up to 90%. I would highly recommend you to anyone suffering from back pain.

  • “Successful Outcome; Excellent in every way; So pleased”

    Thank you to you & your team for such a SUCCESSFUL OUTCOME. My stay in hospital was EXCELLENT IN EVERY WAY. I am SO PLEASED that I opted for surgery on my back. Many thanks again


  • “At Ease Straightaway, A Real Gentleman & Ultimate Professional”

    I saw Dr Kalyan & was put AT EASE STRAIGHT AWAY. He explained the procedure to me & was always available if I had any concerns at all. A REAL GENTLEMAN & the ULTIMATE PROFESSIONAL. Thank you so much for all you did. XX


  • “Relieving my Pain, Improving Mobility”

    I would like to thank you for RELIEVING MY PAIN & IMPROVING MY MOBILITY. My pain has almost gone. I have managed to wean myself off co-codamol which I have been taking for a number of years. I find it much easier to get in & out of both the car & the bath.


  • “Outstanding Kindness & Care, Above & Beyond”

    I would like to offer my profound thanks for the OUTSTANDING KINDNESS & CARE. You all WENT ABOVE & BEYOND the call of duty. I appreciate it so much.


  • “Vast Improvement, More Active Lifestyle”

    Grateful thanks to Mr Kalyan & his team.

    There was a VAST IMPROVEMENT to my condition, within days of receiving injections into the lower back. With the skill of Mr Kalyan, I can have a MORE ACTIVE LIFESTYLE with much less pain.


  • “Nearly Perfect, Pain Free, I Cannot Thank Enough”

    I had been treated for severe back pain for years. Now my back is NEARLY PERFECT 95% PAIN FREE. I cannot thank him enough.


  • “Relief Felt Almost Instantaneously”

    The RELIEF WAS FELT ALMOST INSTANTANEOUSLY, & my symptoms continue to feel at ease. My symptoms have been alleviated by some 80%. Thanking you for your help & support


  • “You are too Kind, So Grateful, Sincerest Support & Concern”

    “You are too Kind” Our family is SO GRATEFUL for doing your best on R operation & we cannot thank you enough for your SINCEREST SUPPORT AND CONCERN. God Bless

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