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Why Choose Mr. Kalyan
    • 25+ Years of Experience
    • Patient-Centred Care
    • Broad & Extensive training
    • Fellowship Trained For 8 years in Spinal Disorders
    • Dual Role : Offers Both Spine Pain Management & Surgery
    • Excellent Patient Outcome
    • Highly Skilled, Meticulous, Trustworthy & Safe Hand
    • Focuses on Rapid Remedy & Better Long-term Benefits
    • Advanced Management Due to
      - “Masters in Spinal Pain”
      - “Biomechanical Degree”
    • Comprehensive Care
    • Excellent Patient Feedback
Dr Raman Kalyan
Rating Star
  • “ My most gracious gratitude for the operation…

    The pain has completely gone, you have transformed my life.

    I am so Grateful … & Overwhelmed for helping me...”

    – Mrs.X

  • “My deepest gratitude ... I am almost completely pain free.

    I no longer need the numerous painkillers. I am over the moon…

    It has changed my life completely. Thank you...

    – L

  • My care under Mr.Kalyan was excellent & my sincere gratitude … to give me my life & independence back again.

    I am pain free, feeling 100% fit & well...Much obliged.

    – V

  • My sincere thanks … my quality of life - improved immeasurably.

    You have transformed my life. ...Grateful for your professionalism & skill. I am pain free… Only wish I had seen you earlier

    – J

  • My sincere thanks & gratitude to you…I cannot find the Words to express my appreciation of your skill …Thank you

    From the bottom of my heart. … I have no pain whatsoever. My care was just fantastic & of the highest possible calibre.

    – K

  • For the miracle you have performed on my back, thank you… You have transformed my daily life & I suffer no pain at all.

    Please accept my immeasurable gratitude. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Kalyan to my friends.

    – G

  • “ ...A huge, “THANK YOU” for sorting my back pain, that no amount of physio or pain killers seemed to help.

    The injections were an instant success & was back to work within days. I am enjoying life again… THANK U SO MUCH”

  • “After several years of constant pain, Mr.Kalyan gave me injection…

    I have been totally pain free. I have more energy & I feel happier...

    ...Extremely thankful for improving my quality of life immensely. ”

    - Mrs.E

  • “ Thank you ... Since the injections, the difference has been 100% better, I have not had any pain in my back or legs, the burning sensation has totally gone. The difference …has been truly superb”

    - JO

  • “ Thank you for the care & support that was given to me … Your care & treatment were "First Class".

    … the injection certainly worked wonders for me.

    … I can't thank you enough.”

    - Mrs V

  • “I cannot praise Mr Kalyan enough, for the expert advice how to manage my condition. I underwent spinal Injections.

    The result is nothing short of miraculous, enabling me to once again enjoy activities & life with my young family.”

    - Mr M

  • “ I had spinal injections for severe back & leg pain...

    After couple of days, I had NO back or leg pain & slept through the night without waking up. I no longer take any pain relief. A big thank you.

    - Mrs A

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