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About Raman Kalyan

Raman KalyanFRCS (Tr & Ortho), MD, MRCS, DNB Orth Surg, D.Ortho, D.Ortho Eng
Fellowship Trained - Paris, Germany, London, Edinburgh, Belfast, Nottingham

Consultant Spine Specialist & Surgeon

Meet Mr Kalyan

Mr Kalyan is a highly skilled leading spine specialist. Mr Kalyan’s passion is "to alleviate the pain and disability arising from various spinal pathologies". He offers excellent treatment providing individualised care for a "wide range of spinal disorders".

Mr Kalyan is the Director of “Spine Solutions” Service since 2011. He works as a Consultant Spine Specialist and Surgeon, at six centres in the North of England. He offers “Video Consultations” for International patients and provides aSecond Opinionto patients and clinicians.

Mr Kalyan and his team work efficiently to accomplish - Early Consultations, Speedy Investigations and Outstanding treatments - for his patients.

Mr Kalyan’s key message to his patients is "You deserve to enjoy life, with rapid relief of pain, avoid frequent pain medications and get back into action."

Dual-Role: Mr Kalyan’s wide experience has enabled him to offer a dual role of:

  • Spinal Pain Management Specialist
  • Spine Surgeon

This allows him to provide a broad spectrum of pain management and comprehensive solutions for his patients.

Following his “Extensive Experience (Read More)” of more than 25 years from numerous world-renowned spinal centres, Mr Kalyan provides exclusive treatment for both Adult and Paediatric spine disorders. He has worked in more than 12 specialised spinal centres and has travelled extensively to many other spinal centres. Mr Kalyan’s vast training and experiences from “Numerous Excellent Centres (Read More)” under “Many Legends (Read More)”, enables him to provide his patients with the best comprehensive treatment.

Following his basic medical degree (MBBS), Mr Kalyan has accomplished six “Postgraduate Qualifications” (FRCS (Tr & Ortho), MD, MRCS, DNB Orth Surg, D.Ortho, D.Ortho Eng) and more than 8 years of “Specialist Spinal Training (Read More)”. His dedicated hard work and perseverance over many years has enabled him to attain highly specialised and fine skills.

Mr Kalyan’s “Exceptional experiences (Read More)” (such as his Master’s degree MD in Spinal pain, Biomechanical degree and its application, Specialised training in Complex spinal deformity) enable him to provide Advance management of Spinal Pain & Disorders.

These skills and experiences allow him to achieve excellent clinical outcomes and improvement of quality of life (Review Patient testimonials), as appreciated by his patients following the various spinal interventions and surgeries he undertakes.

Mr Kalyan is dedicated to the treatment of spinal conditions and his expertise lies entirely with the spine from top to bottom dealing with most pathologies.

His Strategy – Rapid Remedy & Better Long-term Outcome

Mr Kalyan has a methodical and comprehensive approach to patient’s diagnosis and management. He successfully treats most of his patients using simple non-operative measures like Spinal injections, Rhizolysis (Heat Denervation), Pain Management, Specialised physiotherapy exercises, Postural training, Activity modification, Patient education, Bracing and Other tailor-made advice.

He undertakes Surgery if required, after the appropriate conservative treatment has been provided. He chooses simple surgical solutions that are tailored to the individual patient's needs, with the aim of achieving rapid pain relief and best long-term functional outcome. He prefers minimally invasive surgical techniques, to enable speedy post-operative recovery and early return to function.

Mr Kalyan believes that "Surgical Wisdom lies in avoiding doing more, when less is sufficient". He is meticulous in his care and ensures his patients are in safe hands. A vast majority of his patients are very happy with their clinical outcome and experiences (Review Patient testimonials). He also works closely with other spinal care specialist as required, to provide his patients with the best expertise and care available.

His Training

After his graduation in 1990, Mr Kalyan began his training in Spinal Surgery in the famous Christian Medical College Hospital in India. In 1996, he was elected for the travelling fellowship to visit distinguished spine surgeons. In Europe, he obtained advanced training in spinal surgery by attaining prestigious fellowships in Germany (1997) and France (1998).

In UK, from 1998 onwards, he undertook further extensive training and fellowships in Spinal Surgery under various eminent surgeons in Edinburgh, Belfast, Stanmore, London and Nottingham. He obtained his accreditation in Trauma and Orthopaedics, by undertaking the Northern Ireland and Stanmore Orthopaedic rotations.


Mr Kalyan lectures in various settings (International, National & Regional) on the management of spinal conditions. He actively takes part in teaching various spine professionals from different backgrounds. In the past, as a Clinical lecturer in University College of London, he had an excellent experience in conducting various courses and teaching programmes.

Mr Kalyan has contributed to various research and audits focusing on various aspects of spinal conditions. He was awarded the MD degree and has won many awards for his high-quality research work on spinal pathologies. His research on various aspects of spinal pain has enabled him to have greater expertise in assessment and diagnosis of various spinal conditions and achieve excellent outcomes for his patients.

Personal Interest

Mr Kalyan enjoys dancing, organising parties and participates in charity work

Extensive Experience

Mr Kalyan has worked in more than 12 specialised spinal centres and has travelled extensively to many other spinal centres. This has provided him with an opportunity to work closely alongside more than 40 Spinal Surgeons, many Pain Specialists and numerous Allied Spine Professionals, with varied perspectives and expertise. He always keeps an open mind in order to learn valuable concepts from each of them, by analysing their practices and patient outcomes, and he has developed a specialised approach for the management of his spinal patients. By attaining this exceptionally broad experience, Mr Kalyan has gained expertise in a wide spectrum of management of spinal conditions from simpler techniques to complex procedures.

Exceptional Experience - Providing Advanced Management

The following three aspects have enabled Mr Kalyan to provide “Advanced Management” to his patients.

  • The Spinal pathology pain could present itself as Local Pain or in varied parts of the body as Referred Pain, Radicular Pain, Dynatomal Pain, Claudication Pain, Memory pain, etc. These different types of pain need to be precisely diagnosed in order to provide appropriate individualised treatment. Mr Kalyan completed a master’s degree (MD) researching several aspects of the Spine including “Spinal Pain”. This enabled him to gain an in-depth knowledge about the “Mysteries of the Spinal Pain symptoms and its distributions”. This distinctive knowledge has provided him with the specialised expertise to assess, diagnose and manage the patients suffering from Spinal pain, more competently and successfully.
  • Unlike other joints, the Spine is unique, consisting of multiple composite joints which are interlinked in a complex arrangement. Successful management of spinal pathologies requires a deeper understanding of its three-dimensional biomechanics and its application to the management of the various types of spinal pain. Considering this, Mr Kalyan undertook an additional Biomechanical Degree in Orthopaedics, which allowed him to strengthen his understanding of the spinal biomechanics. Mr Kalyan’s clinical application of this enriched knowledge enables him to provide advance management for his patients with complex spinal pain.
  • Mr Kalyan has also completed specialised training in surgical and non-surgical management of “Complex Spinal deformity”. This has enabled him to effectively comprehend the three-dimensional aspects of the spine and develop his advanced skills. Due to the application of this knowledge, he has evolved and increased his success rate in spinal pain assessment and management.

Academic Qualifications:

  • FRCS (Trauma & Orthopaedics)
  • MD (Spinal Research)
  • MRCS
  • DNB Orth Surg
  • D.Ortho
  • D.Ortho Engineering
  • M.B.B.S

Specialised Spinal Training & Spine Fellowship in the Following Centres:

  • Hospital Saint Vincent De Paul, Paris, France
  • Berck-sur-Mer, Institute Calot, France
  • Klinkum Karlsbad, Germany
  • Princess Margaret Rose Orthopaedic Hosp, Edinburgh, UK
  • Musgravepark Hosp & Royal Victoria Hosp, Belfast, UK
  • Royal National Orthopaedics Hospital, London, UK
  • Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham, UK
  • Cromwell Hospital, London, UK
  • Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Aylesbury, UK
  • Barnet General Hospital, London, UK
  • Christian Medical College & Hospital, Vellore, India

Professional Membership:

  • British Association of Spinal Surgeon
  • Spinal Intervention Society
  • North American Spine Society
  • British Scoliosis Society
  • British Orthopaedic Association
  • World Orthopaedic Concern
  • British Medical Association
  • Association of Spine Surgeons (ASSI)

Dedications to His Spinal Gurus

Mr Kalyan wishes to dedicate his skills to the following Spinal legends & Gurus, under whom he trained

  • Prof J Dubouset (France)
  • Prof J Harms (Germany)
  • Mr D Chopin (France)
  • Mr H Crock (London)
  • Mr M McMaster (Edinburgh)
  • Mr Hamilton, Mr P Nolan, Mr N Eames & Mr E Cooke, (Belfast)
  • Mr Bajekal (London)
  • Mr A Gibson (London)
  • Mr T Morley (London)
  • Mr B Taylor (London)
  • Mr H Mehdian (Nottingham)
  • Prof GD Sundararaj (Vellore, India)

Conditions Treated