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Reviews Following Spinal Injections

  • “Excellent Treatment, Great Relief, Very Professional, Best Painless procedure”

    I had very severe back pain & was on a cocktail of drugs, with unpleasant side effects. Thank you for your Excellent treatment. It is a great relief to be able to exercise & walk my dog WITHOUT PAIN OR THE NEED TO TAKE ANY MEDICATION.

    Mr Kalyan fully described the planned procedure in great detail & referred me to his excellent website with its informative videos. Mr Kalyan & the anaesthetist were VERY PROFESSIONAL, made me feel very relaxed & I can honestly say it was the best & least painless procedure I have had.


  • “100% Better, Pain Totally Gone, 100% Glad, Truly Superb”

    I had Spinal injection under Mr Kalyan. The difference in myself has been 100% BETTER, I have not had any pain in my back or legs, the burning sensation in my left knee has totally gone. I am able to walk & do things I took for granted before, it has been TRULY SUPERB.

    I AM GLAD 100% & am amazed with the difference in myself & the difference it has made. Thank you again.

  • “Excellent Service & Medical Care, Excellent Care All Round”

    I would like to EXPRESS MY GRATITUDE FOR THE EXCELLENT SERVICE & medical care that I received throughout my treatment. The treatment that I have received has allowed me to do normal day to day activities, which I couldn’t do previously. I fully recommend the services of Mr Kalyan, the treatment I received was excellent.

    Every procedure was fully explained in full detail prior to receiving it. The after-care service was again, excellent. I will sum it up, EXCELLENT CARE ALL ROUND. I would definitely recommend Mr Kalyan to anyone who requires spinal treatments.


  • “Would Not Hesitate to recommend You, My Leg is 100% better”

    Thank you for your time & skill that you used to treat my pain in my leg & back. I was treated well in a professional manner. I can safely say that MY LEG IS 100% BETTER. I no longer need to take medication & it feels great. My back also has improved significantly with pain reduced 80%. Thank you again. l would not hesitate to RECOMMEND YOU to friends & family.


  • “Life Changing, Relief was Instant, It is Amazing, Can now Get On With Life”

    Thank you so very much! It has been 6 months & your procedure has been LIFE CHANGING. After years of suffering with lower spine pain, affecting my whole life.... causing sleepless nights & left me feeling very miserable most of the time, the relief was instant. I am not in constant pain anymore.

    I can sit like a ‘normal person’ without wincing every time I get up. The quality of MY LIFE HAS IMPROVED MASSIVELY. For the time being it is amazing how little pain I feel & after years of suffering, I can now just get on with my life again.


  • “Instant Success, I am enjoying life again, A huge Thank You.”

    A huge, “THANK YOU” for sorting my back pain, that no amount of physio or pain killers seemed to help. It took over my life as I couldn’t work or fulfil my role as a mum to my wonderful children.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. The spinal injections were an “INSTANT SUCCESS & was back to work within two days”.

    I AM ENJOYING LIFE AGAIN. Before this I was so very low & was ready to give up on the world.

  • “Instant Pain Relief; Telling Everyone about you; I am now a New Woman”

    After Injection, I had INSTANT PAIN RELIEF from my back & leg. I can now walk, & I do not need a wheelchair. I cannot tell you how much I feel by not being in pain after a year of not walking or standing. I will be telling everyone about you & recommending you. Thank you as I AM NOW A NEW WOMAN.


  • “First Class Care, Worked Wonders for me, Get on with Life”

    I can't thank you enough. Before coming to see you, I was virtually bed bound, lying on my side for nearly 6 weeks as I could not move due to the excruciating pain being caused. However, when I eventually came to see you, your care & treatment was in my opinion "FIRST CLASS" & the injection that I was given in my spine CERTAINLY WORKED WONDERS FOR ME. This treatment has taken me from being someone who could not move, to being able to get out & about, & get on with my life.


  • “I Can’t Thank You Enough For My New Lease of Life, Take No Pain Killers”

    I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH for my new lease of life. The injection you performed on my back has changed my day to day life considerably. I can walk unaided, & my life has changed for the better.

    Before, I had to use a mobility scooter because I could not walk more than a few feet without being in severe pain. Now, I TAKE NO PAIN KILLERS & my mobility is at a normal level for my age.


  • “Absolutely First Class, Good Service Over & Above The Norm, Polite & Caring”

    Thanks for the very professional, polite, & caring way you have looked after me following my referral. The follow up appointments provided a degree of comfort & reassurance as you took great care. The standard of care I have received is ABSOLUTELY FIRST CLASS & over & ABOVE THE NORM.


  • “What a Wonderful Sensation to Have No Pain; A huge Thank you; Complete confidence in Mr Kalyan”

    What a WONDERFUL SENSATION TO HAVE NO PAIN. I am so very grateful to you & your team. I was in constant & severe pain in my lower back & leg for eight years. A HUGE THANK YOU MR KALYAN. You’ve given me quality of life back. I have COMPLETE CONFIDENCE IN MR KALYAN, & I would say he is very professional & a gentleman. Thank you again


  • “A Big Thank You, Over a Year- Still Pain free”

    A BIG THANK YOU Mr Kalyan for the treatment to relieve me from pain.

    It's been over a year since I received a spinal injection. I am still PAIN FREE, strengthening my spine & improving all the time.


  • “A Big Thank You, Highly Recommend, No Longer Take Pain Relief, Well Looked After”

    I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to yourself Dr Kalyan. After suffering from severe back & leg pain due to a slip disc & sciatica I decided to go for spinal injections. I was extremely nervous but was WELL LOOKED AFTER & REASSURED. After a couple of days, I had no back or leg pain & had slept through the night without waking up. I NO LONGER HAVE TO TAKE TRAMADOL OR ANY OTHER PAIN RELIEF. I can honestly say I'm 95% or more pain free. I would highly recommend.


  • “Very Grateful; Very Professional & Knowledgeable; Trust Him”

    Mr Kalyan has always been VERY PROFESSIONAL, KNOWLEDGEABLE & I TRUST HIS JUDGEMENT & CLINICAL DECISIONS COMPLETELY. The treatment allowed me to have a much greater range of movement & mobility with prolonged periods of being relatively pain free. I am very grateful for his continued professionalism & the treatment I have had.


  • “Honestly Changed My Life”

    I just wanted to let you know what a difference the spinal injections you did for me have made. After 2 & a half years of chronic pain, I was back to work full time 6 days after this procedure. It has HONESTLY CHANGED MY LIFE & greatly reduced the amount of Tramadol & Gabapentin I take. With many thanks


  • “Complete Confidence, Really Amazing Effect, Support Second to None”

    I have COMPLETE CONFIDENCE in Mr Kalyan. After having uncontrollable sciatic & lower back pain & unable to work, Mr Kalyan carried out spinal injections which have had a REALLY AMAZING EFFECT, I’m now able to function independently & greatly reduce pain relief. The follow up & SUPPORT HAS BEEN SECOND TO NONE & would happily recommend Mr Kalyan & his team.


  • “Pain Free, Live Normal Life, Quite Amazing, Second To None”

    I am now PAIN FREE for the first time in many years. The wound has healed perfectly, & I am now able to live normal life. I am able to walk without having to rest every five minutes which is QUITE AMAZING. The information & care you & your team gave me was SECOND TO NONE. I shall be FOREVER GRATEFUL to you & your team.


  • “Improving My Quality of Life Immensely, Totally Pain Free, More Energy”

    After several years of constant pain in my low back, Mr. Kalyan gave me a spinal injection & since then I have been TOTALLY PAIN FREE. I have MORE ENERGY as the pain was very tiring & also I feel happier as I don’t have the constant pain to deal with anymore. I am extremely thankful to Mr. Kalyan for IMPROVING MY QUALITY OF LIFE IMMENSELY.


  • “Quickly Diagnosed, Felt Good & Pain Free”

    After one consultation with Raman Kalyan I was QUICKLY DIAGNOSED. I had severe back pain for three years & despite seeing several doctors I was told the pain generated from my knees. Mr Kalyan suggested injections & within days I had relief & for the first time in three years FELT GOOD & PAIN FREE.


  • “Superb Impact, Improved my Quality of Life, Back at work full time”

    Thank you, Mr Kalyan. The injections have had a SUPERB IMPACT & really IMPROVED MY QUALITY OF LIFE & I am really grateful for receiving them. I am writing to express the positive impact the steroid injections have had on my life. In February, I was unable to move due to pain in my back, every movement was agony. I had the injections in April, since then I have been BACK AT WORK FULL TIME.


  • “Very Successful, Carry on with the Lifestyle I Enjoy”

    The Treatment for Coccyx pain by Mr Kalyan have proved to be VERY SUCCESSFUL. A special thanks to Mr Kalyan for all of his help which has allowed me to CARRY ON WITH THE LIFESTYLE I ENJOY.


  • “Short Painless Procedure, Significant Instant Relief.”

    After a SHORT PAINLESS PROCEDURE, I found SIGNIFICANT INSTANT RELIEF with a marked reduction in pain Now, after two months, I have the occasional early morning twinge but no pain & good movement throughout the day. I walk up to a mile most days & can remain standing in a stationary position for some time without experiencing any discomfort. I would thoroughly recommend this treatment.


  • “Big Thank You, Pain Free”

    A BIG THANK YOU. I had been suffering for over two years & since the injections I have been “PAIN FREE”, so the treatment most certainly has worked in my case. Once again thank you for your help.


  • “Thanks a Million, Excellent Care; Normality back in my life”

    “Just wanted to Say THANKS A MILLION for the excellent care!” It is wonderful that I now have some NORMALITY BACK IN MY LIFE & my pain has greatly diminished.


  • “Fantastic Team, Best Of Care, Alleviated All Pain, Able To Live Life Again”

    I appreciate everything you have done for me. Mr Kalyan & the team have been FANTASTIC making sure I received the BEST OF CARE right the way through my treatment. I received a course of spinal injections which has ALLEVIATED ALL PAIN & I am now ABLE TO LIVE LIFE AGAIN, thanks to Mr Kalyan.


  • “Thank You For Your Expert Skills, Almost No Pain & Back To Normal”

    Thanks again for your EXPERT SKILLS. My sciatica improved in two to three weeks following treatment. Two months later I have very little to no pain, and my mobility is ALMOST BACK TO NORMAL.

    Before treatment, the pain was severe & impacted my mobility & quality of life.


  • “Pain Free, No Drugs; Great Success; Relaxing Experience; Very Helpful”

    The spinal injections I had were a GREAT SUCCESS. I have suffered with lower back pain for years & developed nerve pain down my leg & also in my back. Now I am PAIN FREE (no physio & drugs). The …… Hospital was a RELAXING EXPERIENCE. The staff & Mr Kalyan were VERY HELPFUL.


  • “Great Care, Pain Free & Enjoying Life”

    To be PAIN FREE again is wonderful & ENJOYING LIFE once more looking after my grandchildren, walking the dog, going walking & my yoga of course. I would like to thank you & your staff for the GREAT CARE shown to me when having my injection done. I thank you so much.


  • “My Quality of Life Has Greatly Improved, I cannot Thank enough”

    I CANNOT THANK MR KALYAN & HIS TEAM ENOUGH. The chronic pain I was in & all the medication I have been taking over the last 3 years; affected my work, health & personal life. After the injection, I was sore for a couple of days but since then I have greatly improved. Now I feel MY QUALITY OF LIFE HAS GREATLY IMPROVED.


  • “Great Success, Not Suffering From Pain, Definitely Have the Same Procedure”

    The procedure you carried on my back has been a GREAT SUCCESS. Currently I am NOT SUFFERING FROM ANY PAIN or stiffness & I will DEFINITELY HAVE THE SAME PROCEDURE carried out on my back, if required, in the future. Thank you for the treatment I received. With best regards


  • “Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart”

    I would like to thank him & all the team for what they have done for me. I had a lot of back pain which was keeping me awake at night. I am now sleeping better on at night because of them so THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.


  • “Huge Improvement In My Quality Of Life, Able to Work again”

    After receiving the steroid epidural injections in my lower back, I would now say that its probably made an 80% to 90% improvement in my mobility. I’m now almost pain free & ABLE TO WORK AGAIN. If it hadn’t been for your good work, I would still be in a position of being unable to work.



  • “How Quickly Done, No longer in Pain, Thank You”

    Thank you to all your team. I could not believe HOW QUICKLY the procedure was done & that I am NO LONGER IN PAIN. THANK YOU to all your team & I wish you well in the future


  • “Highly Recommend You, No Recurrence of Pain”

    I cannot thank you enough for the treatment that I received last year. After years of chronic pain & several unsuccessful treatments. Since my treatment with you, I have had NO RECURRENCE OF PAIN. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU to anyone who has despaired of unsuccessful methods.


  • “Delighted with Mr Kalyan’s Work. No pain after Years of Suffering”

    After years of paying for expensive acupuncture I am DELIGHTED WITH MR KALYAN’S WORK. I was referred to Mr Kalyan after suffering from severe back pain & sciatica. This was several months ago & since then I HAVE NO PAIN & not taken any medication. Thank you so much. I would RECOMMEND ANYONE in distress to make an appointment with you.


  • “Relief From Pain Within A Few Days, Reduced Pain Medication”

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for performing spinal injection. I noticed RELIEF FROM PAIN WITHIN A FEW DAYS of leaving hospital resulting in REDUCED PAIN MEDICATION up to 90%. I would highly recommend you to anyone suffering from back pain.

  • “Relieving my Pain, Improving Mobility”

    I would like to thank you for RELIEVING MY PAIN & IMPROVING MY MOBILITY. My pain has almost gone. I have managed to wean myself off co-codamol which I have been taking for a number of years. I find it much easier to get in & out of both the car & the bath.


  • “Outstanding Kindness & Care, Above & Beyond”

    I would like to offer my profound thanks for the OUTSTANDING KINDNESS & CARE. You all WENT ABOVE & BEYOND the call of duty. I appreciate it so much.


  • “Vast Improvement, More Active Lifestyle”

    Grateful thanks to Mr Kalyan & his team.

    There was a VAST IMPROVEMENT to my condition, within days of receiving injections into the lower back. With the skill of Mr Kalyan, I can have a MORE ACTIVE LIFESTYLE with much less pain.


  • “Nearly Perfect, Pain Free, I Cannot Thank Enough”

    I had been treated for severe back pain for years. Now my back is NEARLY PERFECT 95% PAIN FREE. I cannot thank him enough.


  • “Relief Felt Almost Instantaneously”

    The RELIEF WAS FELT ALMOST INSTANTANEOUSLY, & my symptoms continue to feel at ease. My symptoms have been alleviated by some 80%. Thanking you for your help & support